By Sam J. Jacobsen



Einsteinís famous equation E=MC≤ to explain relativity may be likened to the entrepreneurship 2 + 2 = 22.On the surface it makes no sense.However, in an entrepreneurís world the equation explains everything from where he came from and where he is going.


The entrepreneur identifies assets, which, when assembled represent a value far greater than the total parts.A simple example may be two or more business lots separated by different ownerships.By arranging an ownership consolidation, the new value could be a multiple of total cost.


Real wealth is seldom, if ever, the result of saving salary or commission income.The lucky one is rare. It is not as difficult as you may surmise to learn the entrepreneurial basics.First, you need to understand some essential requirements and the myths.To begin with, do you possess a deep aspiration to control your own destiny?Do you aspire to a higher standard of living?Are you of integrity and value convictions?With these basic qualities, you, too, may be an entrepreneurial candidate.


Almost every aspiring entrepreneur comes forth with the same obstacles Ė they donít have enough seed money to explore their idea.It is true you need to have what I call bread and butter to service your family needs.However, money is not your first problem Ė itís really the last.You can literally manufacture equity dollars from assembling asset values.The asset values are your source to borrow funds to carry out your idea to reality.Thereís an old gross sayingÖ ďIf you have to pay for it, itís prostitutionĒ.So the sophisticated entrepreneurs may acquire valuable assets without paying for it or with a minimum investment.Finally, all of the above is possible without cheating or misrepresentation.Itís simply a manner of assembling asset values.











They are very important to you.Learn when and how to use an attorney.When an attorney attempts to give you business or financial advice, find another one.Drop any attorney or law firm that promotes their services by advertisement.