The Blues Exam

By Mike Felknor, Peter Felknor, and John McMaster

INSTRUCTIONS: Complete each blues couplet with the appropriate word or phrase. Answers appear a few lines beneath the "scoring" section.



  1. I woke up this morning and I smelled
  2. a) cappucino b) fields of daisies c) gasoline

  3. I gave her all my loviní and she turned out to be a
  4. a) Republican b) ho c) he

  5. Woke up this morniní and I found myself in
  6. a) jail b) Aspen c) Starbuckís

  7. I got the ____________ woman that you ever seen
  8. a) loveliest b) meanest c) wealthiest

  9. Gimme ____________ when Iím thirsty
  10. a) Evian b) the Un-Cola c) whiskey

  11. My baby went to Vegas and all I got was
  12. a) the clap b) this stupid T-shirt c) 10% of her proceeds

  13. I canít never be
  14. a) Johnny Cash b) satisfied c) using faulty English

  15. Sometimes I feel like a
  16. a) latte b) nut c) motherless child

  17. You better not complain, boy, or you get in trouble with
  18. a) The Man b) your broker c) those radical feminists

  19. I feel like Iím tied to
  20. a) this job b) the whippiní post c) matrimony

  21. Baby you shook me
  22. a) and I woke right up b) all night long c) from ten till ten-oh-eight

  23. Baby please
  24. a) be nice to me b) pour me a latte c) stop messiní around

  25. I believe Iíll
  26. a) dust my broom b) buy a mountain bike c) go to Saint-Tropez


  27. I went down to
  28. a) Victor Allenís b) the temple c) the crossroads

  29. It ainít my
  30. a) dry cleaning b) cross to bear c) condominium

  31. I shot a man
  32. a) in Memphis b) in Seattle c) I did not!

  33. She loved me so hard that I
  34. a) broke my fingernail b) got a bad headache c) fell right off the bed

  35. Wanna buy a new car--
  36. a) a Lexus, I think b) but the price ainít right c) or a minivan

  37. Had an old dog, his name was
  38. a) Skipper b) Blue c) Spanky

  39. If my baby wonít love me, I know

a) Iíll feel real bad b) thereís always Paris c) her sister will




16-20 right: You probably converse with Robert Johnson

11-15 right: Youíve seen a bad neighborhood or two

6-10 right: Did you go to grad school?

0-5 right: Go back to Cambridge!