Web Recommendations


http://www.german-shepherdherding.com. My friend Ellen Nickelsberg. The site for people who own tending breeds (GSDs, Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, etc.) and would like to learn more about the kind of herding these dogs excel in.

Leerburg. Ed Frawley's site. Ed is a genius (once you get used to his spelling) and a true friend of the working dog.

Working Dog Web Resource. A very handy collection of links from Workingdogs.com.

North Central US live radar image (from Waterloo, IA--courtesy Intellicast.com).

Daily severe weather report from the Storm Prediction Center

The Great Tri-State Tornado. Page commemorating the deadliest tornado in US history. A labor of love by the great folks at NWS Paducah.

Homer G. Ramby's Xenia Tornado Website. Nicely done, technologically astute collection of audio, video, and photographs mostly from the April 3, 1974 tornado--although there is also a montage of  2000's second  Xenia disaster. 

Tom Grazulis' Tornado Project. Need I say more?

Navin R. Johnson. Need I say more?

Two sites dedicated to mega-talent Maria McKee, one official and one not.

Björk Community. I love her, I love her, I love her, I love her (He loves her, he loves her, he loves her, he loves her...)

Green Lake Area Animal Shelter (formerly Tri-County Animal Shelter) in Green Lake, Wisconsin... the world's greatest no-kill shelter!.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis. For several years now, Randy Grim and friends have been putting their hides on the line to rescue desperately needy animals in my hometown. Randy is one of my true heroes.

James Lileks. Andrew Sullivan turned me onto this fine site. I called Sullivan a "political/cultural commentator"... let's say Lileks is a "cultural/political commentator." The stuff about his young daughter goes a little overboard, but he's an interesting character all the same.

Mitch Berg. ...and Lileks, in turn, led me to this blog. Like Lileks a North Dakota native transplanted to the Twin Cities, Berg's conservatism is tempered by his role as a hard-pressed single dad, and his comments on the dating game are plenty amusing too.

Tim Rogers' site. Tim is a fascinating guy from Ohio who went to Arizona, started a landscaping business, and had his heart stolen by a pit bull terrier named Felicia. Read on (and get a load of that site map!).

Callee's Page. Katalina vom Romanoff, HIC--my best buddy.

German Shepherd Rescue Alliance of Wisconsin. The dog rescue group to which I belong. I hate to brag... but I've seen some incredible dogs come through here, including one of my own (see above).

Blue Mountain. Go ahead, make somebody's day! It's fun, it's free, it's fast, and there are more cards out there all the time...

Guinea Pig TeleVision. Ever wonder what your guinea pigs do all day while you're at work? Now you can find out! This site has always been one of my faves. My suggestion is to download the Windows Media Player (link provided on this site) and experience the excitement of the live pigs.